Want to eat Florida farm fresh foods from local farmers?

Get real Florida food from real Florida farmers.

I’ve been involved with nutrition, health and fitness since 1989.  Along the way, I’ve been a certified personal trainer, a certified sports nutrition consultant, a one-time all natural bodybuilder, a Weston A Price chapter leader and a certified Nautilus Instructor. I’ve taught doctors and therapists about safe strength training. I’ve given nutrition and cooking seminars using real farm food. It has been a long journey but it ultimately lead me to real farm foods 20 years ago.

I’ve personally met with farmers throughout Florida. I’ve talked with some at length about nutritional science, chemistry, disease prevention and even philosophy. I’m happy to be working with these wise farmers throughout Florida to bring real farm foods into Windermere, Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips and around Orlando.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach to me.

Yours in health,
Tom Reitz