As most of you know, I have been a big proponent of farm food for several decades now.  I’ve been ordering from Dennis via my good friend, Dr. Steve Moreau’s group, since late 2006. I’ve also been on many journeys with Steve to go directly to the farms to actually pick up the food and meet all of the farmers. This includes Dennis Stolzfoos of Full Circle Farms, of course.  Last fall, we went up for “Farm Day” and it was glorious.  It was great to see Dennis and Alicia and their brood.  I took my daughter up to the farm.  This was actually her first visit. She has been consuming these raw farm foods since she was nearly 2 and she has been incredibly healthy because of this.  I had previously researched the nutrients she would need many years prior to her birth and Dennis’ (and his network of farmers) definitely fit the bill. Here are a few photos from Farm Day 2017! Hope you enjoy!