This 3,200-year-old find is exciting because it shows that the Ancient Egyptian’s shared our love of cheese—to the extent it was given as a funerary offering. But not only that, it also fits into archaeology’s growing understanding of the importance of dairy to the development of the human diet in Europe.

Ahhh… the importance of cheese… This is a great article and highlights man’s utilization of cheese for at least the last 3000+ years.  I talk with “Paleo” folks at times and they simply don’t think that cheese is important.  This is a big mistake. Cheese is one of the easiest ways to get your much needed intake of calcium levels up to par.  You can’t enough calcium from kale nor broccoli.  You can’t get enough from bone broth. I will say, however, that you could get enough from sardines if you eat it a lot of it every day! But for me, this never worked out as it seemingly bound my intestines the many times I attempted this. Your calcium reserves will be used if you are not getting enough daily. But, this is a fallacy as you can’t create something from nothing in nature.  The breakdown of calcium from your bones will cause weaker bones ultimately, and who wants that? A diet devoid of calcium (plus the other important co-factors) will ultimately result in brittle bones and, of course, your teeth!  I like my bones hard, dense and strong.  I don’t want to be weaker ever! I want to be stronger!  Get your raw cheeses here for a stronger you tomorrow!


Source: Cheese played a surprisingly important role in human evolution | Popular Science

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